The 605 Collective

Josh Martin and Lisa Gelley
Lisa Gelley and Josh Martin are two diversely trained dance artists who’s careers have led them both across North America and Europe, studying and performing in many genres along the way. With fellow artist Shay Kuebler, Josh and Lisa found- ed and co-direct The 605 Collective, a collaborative group of Vancouver-based dance artists creating new urban/con- temporary dance works, regularly touring across Canada and into the USA. 605 most recently premiered its newest work at Canada Dance Festival 2012, held at the National Arts Centre Theatre in Ottawa. As independent artists, Josh and Lisa have performed with many choreographers and companies including Amber Funk Barton (the response.), Julia Taffe (Aeriosa), Le Groupe Dance Lab (Dir. Peter Boneham), Karen Jamieson, Wen Wei Dance, and of course, the lovely Martha Carter (MMP).