April 2012

Heat The Streets 2010


On Feb 27 & 28, 2010, as part of the Cultural Olympiad, mmHoP and Whistler’s SoulFunktion dancers will perform ‘HEAT THE STREETS’ a free, site specific dance ‘parade’ that will travel along the village stroll in Whistler, encouraging passerbys to join and heat the streets with us. Directed and Choreographed by Martha Carter, HTS features cutting-edge Vancouver music artists MC-DJs Jacob Cino and Rupinder Sidhu who will lead the performance with their unique musical style.

TWiSTED : World Premiere


MARTA MARTA's World Premiere of Twisted is the newest interdisciplinary creation by Artistic Director Martha Carter about dance, scoliosis and personal transformation. The story is told through monologue, movement, music and visuals, revealing Carter’s touching, yet comedic journey of living with a twisted spine while pursuing a career in dance. Twisted goes beyond the realm of the personal into the universal,speaking on the surface about the perseverance of the human spirit, and on a more profound level as a metaphor for human existence in the face of a chaotic universe.



mmHOP*SKIP*JUMP @ WHISTLER is one of the most delightful MARTA MARTA site- specific performances to date. Dancing outside (in variable weather conditions!) for audiences of all ages in the Whistler Village, this series of explosive, free performances injected the audience with an unforgettable dance experience. By the end of the show, the audience was dancing DJ Cino's trademark reggaeton dance moves with us!

Performed in Whistler on August 23 & 24, 2008.

ri’zilyent: an urban ballet


ri’zilyent: an urban ballet is about our bodies as nature in an urban life; our emotions as movement in an intellectual world; our deepest fears and most extreme joy expressed through dance. ‘RIZ’ is a prayer of hope for our threatened planet.
Martha Carter’s freestyle inspired choreography is intensified by a visceral atmosphere of interactive visuals by renowned video artist Jamie Griffiths and by live sound design by composer-performer Jacob Cino and electro-acoustic master François Houle.

Premiered at the Shadbolt Centre for the Arts March 29-31, 2007

iDUB - Premiere


iDUB is about inspired and inspiring movement. It is about capturing dance as a social art form. It is about cross-fertilising dance styles that are practised by trained and self-trained dancers to discover new avenues of expression. It is about immersing the audience in an interactive setting so they witness the innovative movement, relentless rhythm, and stunning visuals. It is about encouraging the audience to feel the power of dance within themselves. After every performance, the audience is invited to dance, and that is when the real show begins.

The Spell Remains


The Spell Remains is performed to a pulsating, beat-driven electronica score, exploring our primal response to rhythm and tribal communication. The Spell Remains is an exploration of Martha’s trademark ‘house ballet’ style. In this work, six dancers are propelled by the DJ’s relentless rhythm, dancing to the extremes of their physicality, ultimately engaging the audience in their altered reality. Afterwards, the spell remains.

MMP Projects

Photo from the SPELL REMAINS 2005, Choreography by Martha Carter with Lindsay Prentice, Lina Fitzner, Amber Funk Barton, Katy Harris-McLeod, Jennifer McLeish-Lewis and Jacob Cino. Photographer Chris Randle.



Xdance is a 'live mix urban ballet' that is performed around a mobile audience in a black box style setting. The dancers work with a vocabulary of 'fusion' movement mixing modern, ballet, street and break styles, responding to the music, lighting and video visuals with choreographed spontaneity. In Xdance, Martha Carter directs the ensemble with the same creative process that is used in a rave or club style 'happening'.

TWiSTED:SOLO (unplugged)


Date: April 24, 8-9pm
Location: hopbopshop @ Powell and McLean
Duration: One hour

This special presentation of TWiSTED:SOLO 'Unplugged' will be featuring Martha Carter's compelling 'back' story, but with a twist. The 'unplugged' version of the show will offer first time viewer as well as returning audiences a raw and intimate rendition of the TWiSTED experience.